Where to eat PASTA before the NYC Marathon!


In keeping up the spirit of NYC marathon week, I thought I would share my favorite places to eat pasta in the city. Those who know me, know I LOVE pasta. The pre race meal is one of my favorite things, due to said love of pasta. Below are my recommendations for runners to carb load.

FYI: You will need to make a reservation for most restaurants in NYC.. Also, consider dining like real new Yorker and get delivery to your hotel room, most of these restaurants deliver. (see below for app recommendations)


  • Morandi (211 Waverly Place, NY, NY 10014)–  Portions are not too large, food is delicious and it’s located in my favorite neighborhood the West Village. The restaurant is fairly large, easy to get a table and family friendly.
  • Dell’anima (38 8th Ave, NY NY 10014)  – This is one of my favorite restaurants in NYC, its definitely a bit more upscale, but has delicious pasta. A reservation here is pretty hard to come by, but they have seating at the bar which is first come first serve, and definitely doable if you are solo or with one other person.
  • Parm (3 locations https://www.parmnyc.com )- The food here is solid, portions are large and there are several of them all over the city. It’s a safe bet for American Italian food, mostly chicken parm and basic pasta dishes. Very kid friendly.

Above 14th Street:

  • Eataly (200 5th Ave)– In this monstrous italian grocery store you can pick up supplies to cook your own fresh italian meal, or enjoy one of the 4 different restaurants in the store. (There are two of these, one is downtown and one is in the NOMAD region near Washington square park).
  • Jams (1414 6th Ave)– I found this restaurant after I moved out of NYC, but the chef Jonathan Waxman is one of my favorites. They have the best Kale salad in NYC and several great pasta dishes to chose from as well as non pasta for your friends.
  • Whole Foods (located everywhere)- The hot food bar at whole foods has become a staple of mine, especially when traveling. It’s a good way to ensure you are eating somewhat healthy and it doesn’t break the bank.

Grocery Delivery:

  • Fresh Direct: If you have access to a microwave, or kitchen, Fresh Direct might be a good option for you. New Yorkers swear by this grocery delivery app for good reason. Their pre made food is amazing, they were definitely a staple in our household over the years. You can buy pre cooked fresh pasta that only needs to be microwaved, and its just about the perfect portion for one person.
  • Delivery Apps: New Yorkers would not eat without their delivery apps. Why not take your pre race meal in your hotel room relaxing?  Apps: Seamless Web, Caviar, Postmates,

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