Lake Como

Lake Como is one of my favorite places in the world! I love it so much, my husband and I even got married there! This summer I have recently been asked for Lake Como recommendations multiple times, so I put together my quick guide to Lake Como (Getting there, eating & drinking!).


Getting there:

  • Milan- is the easiest city to reach lake como by air. Its about 50 miles away from Lake Como.
    • Taxi- Lake Como is about 50 minutes from Milan, the taxi/ uber is about $50-100 USD.  Ths is the fastest and most expensive way to get to Lake Como
  • Train/ Ferry- If you take the train to Lake Como from Milan, you will arrive in Como town. From here you will take either a bus, or a ferry to the towns around the lake. The bus cost about $2 Euro, and the Ferry is ~ $10 Euro. If you have time, I recommend taking the ferry. They sell beverages (adult and non adult) so kick back and relax and see the gorgeous lake. Note that the bus and the Ferry will add about 1-2 hours to your overall trip.

Best Towns to stay in:

  • Bellagio: (My personal favorite!) There are tons of places to stay & eat and drink. It’s located in what is known as the “golden triangle” of the lake connecting Bellagio, Cadennabbia, Menaggio and Varenna.
  • Varenna: This town is much more quaint, and furthest from Como where the train and ferry are based. This makes hotels more affordable and an overall pleasant experience. Its definitely worth a day trip at the very least.
  • Cernobbio: There is a recently opened Sheraton here (for all you starwood lovers) and  its really close to the train station/ airport .  Villa D ‘Este is located here as well, which is a must see as well, you may even find George Cluny sipping on a cocktail at the bar. He is a resident of this town.
  • Tremezzo: (we got married here!)-  This town has a ton of good food, very centrally located with easy access to Bellagio and other quaint towns in the golden triangle. We have spent the most time in this town.
  • Best Hotels in Tremezzo-

Places to eat:

It’s pretty hard to have a bad meal in Italy in my opinion. In Lake Como, the food is good and you get a variety of types of Italian cuisine which is not normal in Italy. Normally its very regional ex: only pesto and seafood, or only red sauce. My favorites listed below, but hey, take a risk and just wander into a fun looking spot and see where the night takes you!

  • Grand Hotel Tremezzo (Tremezzo)- The hotel is gorgeous and has three different restaurants as well as a wine bar.
  • Enoteca Cava Turacciolo (Bellagio)– My favorite wine bar in lake Como! Its dark and in an alley in Bellagio, but they have free salami and cheese and its so much fun!
  • Cantina Folie (Tremezzo)– Wine bar
  • Red and White (Tremezzo) – Wine bar / low key restaurant. Food is amazing and pretty cheap.

Getting Married in Lake Como? See my advice here: Planning a Destination Wedding

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