My Morning Run- Welcome

My name is Kathy I am a marketing professional with a love for travel, food and running. I am starting this blog for two reasons:

1) I love sharing my travel recommendations with friends.

2) I am taking a year off work and wanted to find a creative outlet to share my experience with my friends and family.

Mornings are my favorite time of day, its when I do my best thinking. The idea for my morning run was born out of a habit I picked up while traveling internationally for work. Since traveling for work can be very stressful and I was often training for a race, I had to find a way to keep my sanity and training schedule! I made sure that every day before heading to the office, I would get in at least a 20  minute run. To my surprise, it helped with everything, jet-lag, logging in those extra miles and of course my sanity. But it also came with an added perk, I was able to explore cities in a new way. In some cases this run was the only time I saw the new city outside of whatever conference room I was in.  The spirit of this morning run is more than just ensuring I get a workout in. Its about the time I take each day to find my center, I do this everyday no matter where I am.  Sometimes my morning run is a run, but sometimes it’s a few quiet moments with a cup of coffee, or just simply sitting outside preparing for the day.

Over the next year I hope to share the spirit of my morning runs with you, here and on instagram. You can look for running, travel, and food related recommendations.

Instagram: @mymrningrun

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