I started running just a few years back for the purpose of being healthy. This led to running my first 5k and then I was hooked. I have met many people through running and made some good friends.

I have found that running isn’t only good for physical health but also mental health. I do some of my best thinking during my runs.

This is the purpose of this website. I want to share my thoughts that I work through on a run. 

Upcoming Projects

I plan to share many different topics on this page. This will be anything from current events to training to diet and meals etc. 

Please check back often for new content and please leave a comment with your thoughts and feedback. 

Something this page will not be is a place for negativity. This often comes in the form of political views. Any negativity toward anyone or any attempt to push your political views will be quickly removed from the page. 

I’m all for constructive criticism, but only if it is to lift someone up. Let’s make this an informative and enjoyable place for people to visit.